inspired by joy

The idea for Crafts on Wheelz came about as I tried to figure out how I could get out from behind a desk and bring more joy and beauty into my life.  As a mother of triplets, a librarian, an instructional designer and a leadership coach, this business combines my passion for inspiring others to be the best they can be with my love of the arts and my desire to stay active and connected to the community.


we handle everything

When you plan a party or event with Crafts on Wheelz, we will roll up to the location of your choice and provide your guests with the studio, the supplies and the guidance to create something special.

We Leave You With Treasure

They will leave with three treasures: the craft they made, the memory of the experience and the empowerment of working with their hands.


We Care About The Earth

Most of our materials are recycled, so they also will learn a lesson about repurposing materials and protecting earth’s resources.



To live life untethered and bring joy to our communities by creating the space for people to untap their potential and make something meaningful.



• Resourcefulness
• Independence
• Possibilities
• Pride
• Movement

Ready to Party?

To Book the Bus for your special event, contact [email protected] for pricing.