We do so much more than birthday parties! If you’re in need of a fun team activity to spice up your corporate event, another activity for your carnival, or a unique way to bring family & friends together during the holidays, Crafts on Wheelz is here to help!

Corporate Events

Whether a small group that wants to get together for Team Building or a large scale company-wide event, Crafts on Wheelz is a unique way to engage your people through creativity.  We can bring our mobile studio to your office and guide a small group in a craft project that connects to your company’s values.  Similarly, we could come to a company picnic and provide some entertainment for the children.

Holiday Parties

Crafts on Wheelz is a great way to get family and friends together to make holiday memories.  Whether it’s ornaments for Christmas, spooky designs for Halloween, decorations for the 4th of July, or gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, filling your home with hand-made treasures will add that special touch to your holiday celebrations.

Carnivals & Festivals

Make sure there is truly something for everyone at your school or community group event by bringing in Crafts on Wheelz. Kids of all ages can take a break from the heat to hop on board and make something special that will be a memento from the day. We can customize the craft option to connect with your theme.

Ready to Party?

To Book the Bus for your special event, contact [email protected] for pricing.